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PPEL Approved Area Courses for Fall 2017

Ethics Area Courses

BUAD 392: Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities of Business
ECON 233: Ethics and Economics
ENVR 269: Environmental Ethics
LDST 450: Leadership Ethics
PHIL 120: Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 265: Bioethics
PHIL 365: Action, Responsibility, and Free Will
RELG 269: Ethics,/Religion & the Environment

Political Theory/Political Philosophy Area Courses

GEOG 370: Geographies of Economic Development and Globalization
LDST 205: Justice and Civil Society
LDST 378: Statesmanship: Lincoln
PLSC 312: Modern Political Theory
RELG 369: Ethics, Religion, and War

Law-Related Area Courses

ENVR 362: Environmental Law & Policy
JOUR 303: Journalism, Law,Ethics
PHIL 364: Philosophy of Law
PLSC 331: Constitutional Law

Please consult the Philosophy, Political Science, and Economicsdepartments for a list of courses offered in Fall 2017 that can be taken to fulfill the concentration requirement for the PPEL major.