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Area Courses

The following courses have been approved to meet the area requirements toward a PPEL concentration. Students may wish to consult the list of upcoming courses when registering.

Area Courses

Ethics Area Courses

BUAD 392 Ethical, Social and Legal Responsibilities of Business
ECON 233 Ethics and Economics
LDST 377 Ethical Decisions-Making in Healthcare
LDST 450 Leadership Ethics
PHIL 120 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 265 Bioethics
PHIL 360 Ethics
PHIL 365 Action, Responsibility, and Free Will
PHIL 375 Ethics and Practical Reasoning
RELG 265 Religion and Moral Decisions
RELG 267 Varieties of Christian Ethics
RELG 269/ENVR 269/PHIL 269 Ethics, Religion and the Environment
RELG 367 Ethics and Religion in American Pragmatism
RELG 369 Foundations of Social Ethics
RELG 394 Asian Ethics

Political Theory/Political Philosophy Area Courses

ANTH 328 Anthropology of Human Rights
ANTH 335 Law and Order: The Anthropology of Justice
GEOG 370 Geographies of Economic Development and Globalization
HIST 391 Transnational Social Reform
LDST 205 Justice and Civil Society
LDST 361 Sex, Power, and Politics
LDST 378 Statesmanship
PHIL 337 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 363 Power and PoliticsPLSC 311 Classical Political Thought
PHIL 382 Economic Justice
PLSC 312 Modern Political Theory
PLSC 315 American Political Theory
PLSC 330 The Creation of the American Republic
PLSC 339 Jurisprudence in Contemporary American Politics
RELG 369 Ethics, Religion, and War

Law-Related Area Courses

ANTH 335 Law and Order: The Anthropology of Justice
ECON 231 Law and Economics
HIST 199 Scottsboro Trials
JOUR 303 Ethics and Law
PHIL 260 Philosophical Problems in Law and Society
PHIL 364 Philosophy and Law
PLSC 331 Constitutional Law
PLSC 333 Civil Rights/Liberties
PLSC 336 American Constitutional History
PLSC 337 The American Legal System
PLSC 339 Jurisprudence in Contemporary American Politics
PLSC 352 International Law and Organization
PLSC 362/ENVR 362 Environmental Law and Policy
RHCS 353 Rhetoric and Law
SOC 311 Juvenile Delinquency