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PPEL Approved Area Courses for Spring 2021

Ethics Area Courses

BUAD 392 Ethical, Social and Legal Responsibilities of Business
ECON 233: Ethic and Economics
LDST 377: Ethical Decision Making in Health Care
PHIL 265: Bioethics
PHIL 360: Ethics
RELG 267: Varieties of Christian Ethics
RELG 269: Ethics and Religion & the Environment

Political Theory/Political Philosophy Area Courses

LDST 210 Justice and Civil Society
PLSC 312: Modern Political Theory
PLSC 314: American Political Theory

Law-Related Area Courses

CLSC 320: Cultural Property: Archaeology, Ethics, and Law
ECON 231: Law and Economics
ECON 362: Environmental Law & Policy
HIST 199: Scottsboro Trials
JOUR 206 Journalism Law, Ethics
PHIL 260: Philosophical Problems in Law and Society
PLSC 333: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
PLSC 337: The American Legal System
PLSC 362: Environmental Law & Policy
RHCS 353: Rhetoric and Law

Please consult the Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics departments for a list of courses offered in Spring 2021 that can be taken to fulfill the concentration requirement for the PPEL major.