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PPEL Approved Area Courses for Spring 2019

Ethics Area Courses

BUAD 392 Ethical, Social and Legal Responsibilities of Business
PHIL 120 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 265 Bioethics
PHIL 365 Action, Responsibility, and Free Will
RELG 369: Foundations of Social Ethics
RELG 394: Asian Ethics

Political Theory/Political Philosophy Area Courses

LDST 205 Justice and Civil Society
LDST 361 Sex, Power, and Politics
LDST 378 Statesmanship
PLSC 315 American Political Theory
PHIL 382: Economic Justice

Law-Related Area Courses

ECON 231 Law and Economics
HIST 199 Scottsboro Trials
JOUR 303 Ethics and Law
PHIL 260 Philosophical Problems in Law and Society
PLSC 331 Constitutional Law
PLSC 333 Civil Rights/Liberties
RHCS 353 Rhetoric and Law

Please consult the Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics departments for a list of courses offered in Spring 2019 that can be taken to fulfill the concentration requirement for the PPEL major.