Upcoming Courses

Approved Area Courses - Spring 2024

Ethics Area Courses

ECON 233 Ethics and Economics
ENVR 269/PHIL 269 Environmental Ethics 
LDST 377 Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare
LLC   397 Dante: Poetic Justice 
PHIL 120  Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 265 Bioethics 
RELG 267 Varieties of Christian Ethics

Political Theory/Political Philosophy Area Courses

ANTH 328 Anthropology of Human Rights
LDST 210 Justice and Civil Society
PLSC 312 Modern Political Theory
PLSC 315 American Political Theory
PLSC 330 Creation of the American Republic
RELG 369 Ethics, Religion, and War

Law-Related Area Courses

CLSC 320 Cultural Property: Archaeology, Ethics and Law
ECON 231 Law and Economics
HS 240 Law and Medicine
JOUR 206 Journalism Law, Ethics
LAWE 643 International Law and Organization
PHIL 260 Philosophical Problems in Law and Society
PLSC 331 Constitutional Law
PLSC 333 Civil Rights/Liberties
PLSC 362/ENVR 362 Environmental Law and Policy

Please consult the Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics departments for a list of courses offered in Spring 2024 that can be taken to fulfill the concentration requirement for the PPEL major.