Internships provide an increasingly important tool for PPEL majors to advance their education and post-graduation plans. With The Richmond Guarantee, the University of Richmond aims to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to pursue a summer internship or research fellowship due to a lack of finances. Students are encouraged to begin their search for an internship with a visit to the University’s Career Services.

Internship Placements

PPEL majors have held internships in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Law
  • Public Policy
  • Finance
  • Advertising

Academic Credit for Internships

PPEL majors may earn academic credit for an internship that coheres with the program’s aim of providing its students with an interdisciplinary course of study focused on normative questions of law and public policy. In addition to undertaking the required work hours, students must also complete specific academic tasks under the supervision of a University of Richmond faculty member. These may include submitting critical reflections on their work and that of the organization in which they are interning, or writing a research paper that employs theoretical frameworks drawn from philosophy, political science, or economics to evaluate an matter of law or public policy with which they engaged while interning. In order to earn academic credit for their internship, students must complete an individual internship contract with their faculty mentor, and obtain the approval of the PPEL coordinator, before they begin their internship.